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Collection: Chuffed Studio

Managed by a lone woman whose mind bothers her with different ideas and thoughts 24/7 and whose been a scent enthusiast all her life Chuffed Studio is born.

Founded in April 2022, at first, everything is done out of her love for arts and crafts, until it evolved to a more meaningful, goal oriented passion.

From the word Chuffed /CHəft/, which is a british slang that means you're feeling happy or very pleased about something, she create candles that will remind her and the person lighting her creation to be grateful of the little things they encounter.

She hopes that the candles she created would be of help, even just a little, to ease life's tension.

Founded in 2022

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  • Magic Shop Scented Candle (9.7oz)
    Magic Shop Scented Candle (9.7oz)
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