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Maude Earrings

Maude Earrings

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-Handmade with polymer clay.

-Approximate length 1.2 inches


About the owner of the brand Clay Drama

My desire to have more options in accessories inspired me to create thoughtful handmade pieces that can complement our everyday wear.

I started to explore doing my own accessories during the pandemic as a hobby and  posted them in an online global marketplace for crafts without any expectations. The first pair of earrings I uploaded was purchased by a customer from Australia and that’s when I decided to continue creating.

On design inspirations, I’m drawn to architecture and modern Filipino design influences. I want to find other ways to incorporate local elements into the accessories I make and believe that there are more possibilities to explore.

There’s something about modern Filipino design that fascinates me. Maybe it’s the diverse patterns and raw materials that’s unique from each region, or knowing that these were carefully crafted by artisans. 

Founded in 2021. ClayDrama