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Forest Wild Honey | Palawan

Forest Wild Honey | Palawan

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This honey is made by wild indigenous honey bee species who have the freedom to forage and collect pollen from flowering forest trees.


Cruelty-Free. Forest to Jar. Supports Indegenous Communities.


The plants in different areas give forest honey various flavor notes. For the area of Palawan, they have a citrus sweetness- a hint of tropical fruit flavors like pineapple and oranges.
The honey is then collected by indigenous forest honey hunters and harvesters from beehives, and is a key source of income for communities. 
In turn, forest honey hunters and harvesters care for forests- they do not destroy hives, harvest only mature honey, and program their harvest seasons to ensure its continuous supply. Supporting sustainably-harvested forest honey means supporting forest-based indigenous communities who care for forests.