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I Am Bootyful | Butt Scrub

I Am Bootyful | Butt Scrub

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This fruity scrub will make your booty so cute it can dethrone the peach emoji as everybody’s favorite butt reference. Say goodbye to butt acne with I Am Bootyful!

Helps smoothen bumps and butt acne, exfoliates dead skin cells caused by too much friction from garments and undergarments, making it brighter and plumper.

How to use: During bath time, scrub away after lathering with soap then rinse. Use twice or thrice a week.

Caution: Don’t use on open wounds or freshly squeezed pimples as product may sting.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Dead Sea Salt, Marine Collagen, Himalayan Salt, Glycolic Acid, Tea Tree Oil


Mink PH

Mink is every bold Filipina’s intimate skincare ally made with passion, spunk, and a little bit
of mischief because life’s too short to be taken too seriously.
Like the strong, independent Filipina, our vibrant array of products uses all its might to kick skin impurities in the butt so each
Mink babe can uninhibitedly flaunt their unique beauty to the world.
Mink was created by an all-girl team of colorful, fresh-minded individuals committed to helping
their fellow sisters feel more confident in their own skin.
All for women’s empowerment.

All for YOU.