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Mother's Day Bundle Katha Buddies Eco Kitchen

Mother's Day Bundle Katha Buddies Eco Kitchen

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A carefully curated care box filled with eco friendly materials that you can use for the kitchen. Each item is made to last longer than your disposables, and it comes back to the earth since they’re decomposable.. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they are definitely sturdy than your regular plastic kitchen cleaners. 

This contains 3 different kinds of brushes made out of bamboo and coconut husks. Meant to scrub away any dirt from any surface. The abaca sponge will fit your hand perfectly and is roughly perfect to scrub even your delicate non-stick pots. In addition to this we have included a dishwashing block and an unpaper towel that will complete your eco kitchen journey. 


3 Kitchen brushes with handles

1 Abaca sponge

12pcs of unpapered towels

1 trigger spray bottle

1 dishwashing block