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French Rose Bud Tea

French Rose Bud Tea

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 FRENCH ROSE BUD. This herbal tea is packed with vitamin C and is a great natural way to combat the flu. These light pink buds turn the water into yellow golden color and provides a light sweet floral taste. Enjoy with honey or stevia as a sweetener, or mix with citrus slices. 

Caffeine-free. Great for bladder, digestion, and constipation.                                                                            


  • 220ml water in 90°C
  • 5-10 tea buds 
  • Rinse first with hot water
  • Steep for 3-5 minutes 


We encourage our package-free food items to be bought in store while bringing your own container #BYOC Otherwise, product will be delivered with minimal packaging: biodegradable brown paper. Remember to transfer to an air-tight container as soon as you receive the package to maintain the quality