Activated Charcoal Soap

Activated Charcoal Soap

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Lana PH Activated Charcoal Soap is perfect for the active you! Stay cool and fresh with this all-natural, mentholated soap that unclogs pores, lightens age spots, helps heal acne, and prevents future breakouts―all that while keeping you completely odor-free. 



(Works on acne-prone, dry, sensitive, oily, and combination skin)

Directions for use: Lather onto face and body twice daily. 

Our recommendation: Best used after your workout sesh! Pair it with Lana PH DNA Repair Elixir to help lighten acne scars.

Full Ingredient List: Water, Activated Charcoal, Menthol, Mulberry Root Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin B3, Lemon Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Lactate, Glycerin, Caprylic


LANA PH is an all natural skincare and zero-waste lifestyle brand that lets YOU be YOU.
We aim to take care of you (and momma earth) while you slay the world. Everything is all-natural, non-comedogenic and cruelty-free.
All products are proudly made in the Philippines and are intricately curated with the purest ingredients to treat you with the best care you deserve. 
Here at Lana PH, YOU MATTER.