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Blooming Flower Tea Ball
Blooming Flower Tea Ball

Blooming Flower Tea Ball

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Each tea ball is a unique collection of flowers that are hand sewn by tea artists. Young green teas together with different herbal flowers provide this drink's rich and smooth taste with a delicate aroma.

 Serving Suggestion

  • 220ml water in 100°C
  • 1 tea ball
  • Steep 10-15 minutes until fully bloomed 
  • Resteep with 220ml up to 3 times. 
  • Consume within the day or store in fridge up to 48 hours. 


We encourage our package-free food items to be bought in store while bringing your own container #BYOC Otherwise, product will be delivered with minimal packaging: biodegradable brown paper. Remember to transfer to an air-tight container as soon as you receive the package to maintain the quality