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Book Page Holder
Book Page Holder

Book Page Holder

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Books are getting thicker and heavier lately, especially those special edition hardbound books! This is great to help assist you to read with one hand and to prevent hand cramping. This can also help protect your books from being cracked too wide open.

Our book page holders are made with repurposed mahogany wood. We repurpose scrap wood to make these little guys, who's going to be your best reading buddy.

Finished with beeswax and mineral oil.

Mahogany wood

Approximately 11cm

Grip hole:
Choose between 22 and 25mm

Please note that the wood color varies. We cannot choose the color since we use scrap wood for these.


Something From Nothing creates custom woodwork crafts for your home and office. Check their Instagram at @somethingfromnothingph to see more of their works and you can message them for custom orders. #woodworking #woodcrafts