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Module 3 : Advanced Brewing Techniques
Module 3 : Advanced Brewing Techniques

Module 3 : Advanced Brewing Techniques

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Accelerating the intermediate home brewer with advanced techniques, tips, and tricks to elevate their coffee experience. LIVE GUIDE VIA ZOOM

We recommend you take the previous modules in order to maximize this workshop. Module 3 of The Coffee Masterclass Series

STARTER KIT (included in the fee) (exclusive of shipping fee)
- Grind Size Sample & Coffee Samples

The Bewing Masterclass aims to guide the intermediate home brewer with advanced brewing techniques, tips, and tricks in order to enjoy each coffee experience.

This module will also explain different brewing variables per brewing method, focusing on the pour over brewing method, in order for everyone to have a deeper understanding on how these variables interact with each other.

In addition, this module will also explain how to "know and feel" which variables to tweak depending on the different characteristics of their coffees.

Lastly, this module will have a touch up on sensory experience in coffee, how to heighten sensory experience at home,

- Recap previous modules
- Brewing variables per brewing method
-Assessing the coffee before brewing
Roast date vs. Peak Coffee Flavor vs. Roast Profile
-How to know which variables to tweak when brewing focusing on the pour-over method
Advanced Brewing techniques: pouring, grind size distribution, etc.
-How to enjoy your coffee experience: cup shape, sensory creativity, subjective to your own liking

- Coffee Pour-Over


  • Gooseneck Kettle
  • Coffee Grinder Message us for our high-end variants
  • Thermometer 
  • Weighing Scale

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