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Katha Body Care Kit
Katha Body Care Kit

Katha Body Care Kit

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Your body matters and it deserves to be loved, and doing this can all be done with organic home grown goods. In this kit you can choose from Lana age defying soap, brightening soap, or charcoal soap. Depending on your body type, each soap has its unique benefits. But all have the ability to even out your skin and moisturize it, making it feel so soft and loved. 

Partnered with Barebars shampoo and conditioner, who have a collection that caters to every hair type. Choose the perfect combo that goes well with your hair type and don’t regret making the plastic free shift. 


1 Lana Bar Soap

1 Bare Bars Trial Shampoo

1 Bare Bars trial Conditioner

1 Soap saver scrubbie