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Katha Quarantine Essentials kit
Katha Quarantine Essentials kit

Katha Quarantine Essentials kit

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Locked up at home and looking for ways to still live sustainably in the pandemic season. Well fret not, here is a kit you can get or give away to your loved ones. Stay hydrated with our bamboo tumbler and walk around the four corners of your home with these banana leaf slippers that look so eco fancy. 

Going out to buy some groceries or for a walk, well try to flash these unique abaca masks that are decomposable and plastic free. It is very safe and breathable, and allows you to speak with the mask on. You can keep using this for a month and after that you can easily place it in your biodegradables to decompose. 


1 Mesh Bag

1 Banana Leaf Slippers

1 Tumbler

1 Abaca Mask