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Adlai | White
Adlai | White

Adlai | White

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Adlai is a gluten-free grain and grows on long stalks of grass just like rice. Our adlai is locally produced, non-GMO, ethically sourced, and freshly milled in-house with our partner company, Farm To Folk. 

High-fiber. Protein packed. Anti-Inflammatory. Aids in lowering blood-sugar. ORGANIC

Also available in brown



Rinse with water

Prepare the same way as rice with 1part grain to two parts water. 

We encourage our package-free food items to be bought in store while bringing your own container #BYOC. Otherwise, product will be delivered (same day) with minimal packaging: biodegradable brown paper. Remember to transfer to an air-tight container as soon as you receive the package to maintain the quality.